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Best Antivirus Rescue Disks

Many of the best antivirus providers offer a no-cost bootable recovery disk that can be used to clean your computer after it has been infected. These are Linux-based tools that can be used to cleanse a computer that has been infected with malware if it’s not able to start up or can’t be scanned by a standard antivirus program running on Windows. I recommend the Kaspersky disc for its simplicity of use (though it may not work on some Dell systems).

You can also get similar features when you purchase the Avira or ESET rescue disks, which come with a graphical interface but need an external USB or CD drive to start. Both options can search for and decipher any malware on your computer. However the virus definitions may not be updated as frequently as the rescue disks based on Linux.

The Trend Micro Rescue Disk is a great alternative. It’s also among the slimmest disks on this list, with just 70MB. It doesn’t include a graphical user interface but it does work quickly and offers several customization options including the capability to scan and mount specific volumes, files, and even individual folders.

You can also get an excellent virus scan from the Comodo rescue disk, but best antivirus rescue disks it doesn’t have quite the flexibility of the alternatives based on Linux. It is, however, an effective tool for detecting and deleting the types of viruses that can hide themselves in Windows files, preventing detection by standard antivirus programs. You can select between a text-only or a full graphical interface as well as the option of running a custom or smart scan.

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