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Free Antivirus Software

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If you want to protect your computer from viruses and malware There are a variety of excellent options for antivirus software that is free. Some are well recognized, like AVG and Kaspersky. Some, like Bitdefender may not be as well-known, but they provide great protection for your device, without costing you a penny.

The free antivirus software is often lacking important features offered by paid programs. For instance, a majority of free programs lack web protections that can reduce the risk of scams using phishing to steal your identity and funds. Additionally, they do not include password managers that can help protect your data from cyber snoops. Many of the top free antivirus programs don’t offer support either and if you experience trouble with your program, you might not be able to seek help from the manufacturer.

Free antivirus programs are often sharing your personal data with manufacturers. While this shouldn’t be a problem for many people but you should be aware of it before choosing a free antivirus. Paid programs usually offer an option to not share your information with the companies which is why you should decide whether you’re comfortable with it.

While free antivirus programs are a great choice for most people, businesses should consider purchasing premium software to be protected against the latest threats. The security features included with business-grade software are worth the money, especially when they’re helping you comply with the requirements of compliance and safeguarding your confidential customer data. Norton and Kaspersky offer great solutions for small businesses.

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