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How to Prepare a Data Room for Investors

A data room for investors is an area where you share confidential information https://www.freshboardroom.com/virtual-data-rooms-and-due-diligence-the-perfect-pair-for-mergers-and-acquisitions/ on your company with potential buyers or investors in the course of a funding round or M&A deal. Historically, these were physically-based rooms, but these days they are mostly virtual. It is essential to ensure that your investor data space has an easy navigation system for users and that you are in a position to provide documents at each stage of due diligence. You should also monitor usage so you can see the documents that have been looked at and when. If necessary, you can remove access.

Investors are likely to verify the information you’ve included in your pitch deck and get more details about your business model. They may also be interested in your financials, traction, and your business model. The investor data room is a vital element of the fundraising process for your startup, which is why it is essential to be well prepared for due diligence.

To help speed up the process, create documents that are more likely to be requested for, like your cap table (breaking down ownership percentages) and legal documents, and a detailed list of any previous investments in your business. This will help you answer the most common questions and give you a competitive advantage during the decision-making process.

It is ideal to include documentation about your team, including employee handbooks, contracts of employment and future hiring plans. In addition, you should also be prepared to provide a demo of your product particularly if you are in the pre-seed or seed stage of your venture.

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