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Free Digital Tools For a Board Meeting

The appropriate tools can make meetings more productive, efficient and strategic. There are a myriad of digital tools that can enhance meetings and boost team productivity.

The first tool to consider is an online collaboration platform that is visual. Mural, Stormboard, and iObeya all provide fantastic solutions for brainstorming in real-time during board meetings. They can be used on their best free tools to use during a board meeting own or in conjunction with other tools. These tools are simple to use and work well for small sessions.

For longer sessions, a great alternative is a whiteboard software program like Boardable or Fellow. These programs allow members to mark up the whiteboard during meetings using laser pointers and annotation tools. These programs also have an export feature to make document sharing simple and offer a variety of layouts.

A board portal that has built-in survey functionality is a great way to assess the effectiveness of meetings. It provides instant feedback and helps identify any areas for improvement, which allows chairpersons and administrators to take action to achieve better results.

Boardable is a sophisticated software solution for board meetings that can transform complex, outdated and time-consuming procedures. Its advanced features make meetings easier and empower board members to concentrate on the most crucial aspects of the process like decision-making and setting impactful goals.

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