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What Are Data Rooms and Cloud Storage?

A data room is an online repository that stores confidential documents, and allows for restricted access to view and analyze the documents. It is a tool that can be used in a variety of ways which can be utilized in a wide range of projects that require management of files, document sharing, and professional storage.

Unlike standard cloud storage solutions, the information shared in a data room may be extremely sensitive and confidential and any loss of this information could be catastrophic to an organization. Data rooms are protected by advanced security protocols that protect against unauthorized access. This is not possible with traditional cloud storage.

Due diligence is the most common application of a data space during a business deal. This may require a thorough review of thousands or tens of thousands of highly sensitive documents. It’s important that the right people are able to perform this task in a safe environment. A virtual data room could assist.

When choosing a data room make sure you check the authenticity of the certificates issued by the service provider and look for features like multi-tier permissions and granular control on user activities. Also look for tools for reporting like Q&A tools, reporting tools, and other tools. Also, look into software review platforms to find out what others have to say about their experiences with a specific provider.

iDeals offers a fantastic interface and has support for due diligence. We’ve used it in a variety of transactions and recommend anyone seeking a secure method to share sensitive information.

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