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Protegent Antivirus Scam

If you’re a company owner or a regular internet user, it’s important to safeguard your computer from viruses and trojans. The best method to do this is to use a trusted antivirus security program. There are a lot of products that claim to do this and a few of them are regarded as scams. Protegent is just one of these programs that must be avoided.

The commercial starts by showing a teacher reviewing inappropriate content on a computer belonging to a student. Then Proto, the character Proto appears and tells her about protegent the “empowering” new piece of software that can keep track of the activities of students on their computers and provide an email to her.

Protegent’s Fish Hunter 360 antivirus household software offers a range of real-time scanning and optimization tools that improve your computer’s cadence and protect you from spyware and adware and scam scratches, and retrieve fallen or zeusvirus.net/webroot-antivirus-in-2020 deleted data files. It also blacklists websites that are shady so that you do not become prey to hacker attacks.

This antivirus program from Unistal has a professional-grade scanning engine that can protect your computer from spy malware, adware, rootkits, Trojan infections viruses, and phishing scrapes. It can also backup and recover lost files and defragment your hard drive to increase performance. Additionally, it operates in the background to increase speeds of upload and download without affecting your device’s performance.

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