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How to Set Up Remote Voting for Your Board of Directors

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In the past board members had to travel to meetings in person to cast their votes. With the advancement of technology, such as video conferencing, and online voting platforms, board members can now vote from home. This makes the process faster and results in greater efficiency and improved decision-making within the company.

There are several key factors to consider when establishing a remote voting system for your board of directors. First, you have to determine the method of voting to be used. Most organizations have a nomination process before the election. Candidates may either sign up to run, or gain entry through signatures or be nominated by fellow members. A thorough nomination process can create enthusiasm early and attract more qualified candidates. This can help ensure that the organization is staffed by the best people.

The voting process via email has a variety of issues, including the fact that the results aren’t secure and cannot be recorded in real time. Furthermore, if directors respond to an email ballot with an answer that is different from the other directors, it can make it difficult to discern which responses are valid. Another problem with email voting is that it isn’t private, which could be an issue when it comes to voting on sensitive or confidential issues.

Some states and bylaws don’t allow voting via email. However, most non-profit boards are able to vote without a meeting if all directors can be heard and respond immediately and if they’ve signed a written agreement that shows their unanimous consent.

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