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Norton Safe Search For Android

Norton Safe Search is an online security program that safeguards the information of users and deters users from visiting dangerous or phishing sites. It works by using Norton’s Safe Web technology to pace the security of a website and alert users to potentially dangerous websites that could include phishing scams or high-risk viruses.

In addition to protecting personal information and transactions on the internet The app will also monitor a phone’s system for threats to the operating system. It also scans the Wi-Fi connections of a phone for possible risks and block websites that attempt to steal sensitive information or download malware. The Android app also includes features such as Link Guard that protects your device from malicious links, and Privacy Report, which reveals what information apps share with other services.

Another great feature is the capability to write reviews for a website. This will help other users to avoid dangerous sites and also share their experiences. Sign up for an account on the Norton Community account and submit your site to have it reviewed. After the site has been reviewed and approved, it is eligible to receive a Norton Secured Seal. The seal will be displayed on the search results pages for Norton Identity Safe, Norton 360, and other norton utilities premium review Norton users.

If a Norton product is installed, such as Norton internet security or Norton 360, the toolbar which gives you access to norton safe search will be automatically installed. If the toolbar doesn’t work it can be fixed by contacting Norton’s update center through the Google chrome toll-free number.

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