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How to Stop Hackers From Getting Into Facebook Accounts

If you suspect that your Facebook account is compromised, you need to change your password immediately. If you use Facebook as a login to apps such as Spotify or Instagram then you should change your logins. This will prevent the hacker from accessing these services through your compromised Facebook profile.

A hacked Facebook account can give hackers an abundance of personal information. Hackers can make use of this information for nefarious reasons like contacting people or sending fake credit card offers. They may also use the compromised account to send out spam messages to friends, or put up a post on your Facebook timeline with your name (as as if you did it yourself).

Hackers are most likely to gain access to an account by exploiting a vulnerability in the Facebook app’s code. For instance, a vulnerability in the iOS Facebook application let hackers hijack cookies and take an iPhone user’s so-called “access token.” These app-ink.net/guardian-property-management-trustworthy-service-from-reliable-company tokens are digital keys that give the user full control over the user’s Facebook account and, thanks to Single Sign-On, all other websites the person uses their Facebook credentials.

Hackers can also gain access to an account through brute force attacks. This technique involves guessing passwords, generally the most commonly used ones like 123456789 and 1234567890. Hackers can gain access to accounts by scanning compromised credentials. There are numerous free tools that can be used to scan for stolen information, such as a popular website called HaveIBeenPwned.

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