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How to Maximize the Value of a Board Meeting

A board meeting offers an opportunity to discuss important corporate issues with a variety of experts. They provide a variety of perspectives, which is essential when deciding on strategies that are large-scale and defining the methods by how teams will implement these strategies.

The efficiency of a meeting is determined by the manner in which the leadership ensures that discussions are on the right track and directs them. No matter how lively or thorough the agenda is, if discussions go off-topic and take why not find out more too long, the meeting aren’t effective. It is also difficult for attendees to prepare and participate if important documents are not delivered prior to the meeting.

To maximize the benefits of board meetings start with a 10 minute recap at the beginning of each meeting that reiterates key points from previous calls before meetings and the board package. This will help focus the minds of board members and keep them focused on the issue that is in front of them.

Being distracted by discussions that are new can take the time of meetings and divert board members from the more urgent agenda items. Mitigate this by including the “parking lot” item on the agenda for discussion topics that are worthy of an additional review, but are not high on the agenda.

After the agenda has been established, it is crucial to hear the reports of the executive director and any standing committees or standing committees. It’s also beneficial to have someone read financial reports, but only if they require further discussion. Once discussion is complete, the chair should open the room for a vote each item. Before a vote is called, a motion should be “seconded”.

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