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How to Design a Board Room uk

A room where the company’s board of directors is regularly gathered to discuss issues that are important. These are the rooms where major decisions are made, affecting everyone from employees and shareholders to the larger economy.

These rooms must be flexible, comfortable and able to accommodate a variety of purposes. They can be used to hold brainstorming sessions, investor meetings or brainstorming sessions. Based on the size of the business they may need to accommodate 2-6 persons or more. They can also be used to hold longer meetings, like annual strategic planning sessions.

The perfect design for your boardroom can establish the tone for your company’s image and ambitions. The image below illustrates the different ways that different styles of fitting out can alter the “feel” of an area. From imposing black boards and chairs to light-coloured tables with maximum sunlight, the designs vary as much as the functions they serve.

Our boardroom UK advisers are real-life professionals who have owned their own businesses and have experience they are able to impart. They are experts in their fields and will help you with advice, direction and strategy – all at only a fraction of the cost of a full-time intern.

We are bridging the gap between aspirations and reality. If you are on a public or third sector board is something you would like to achieve, but don’t have the confidence yet and aren’t sure how, then we’re here to assist. The 12-month Boardroom Apprentice course is a unique, transformative combination of board education and development, as well as placement. designed to help you move from ‘meetings with the board’ to taking your seat at the table.

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