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Choosing Board Software for Holding Online Meetings

If you conduct a meeting online there is a chance that you will encounter technical issues is quite high. One member of your board may have a slow connection to the internet or his battery could end up dying during the meeting. It is a good idea to ask remote attendees to test their devices prior to the meeting. It is also possible to provide training and support to ensure that remote attendees are equipped to use the board portal prior to the meeting.

Aside from the basic attributes, it is vital to select an online boardroom with high-end security and compliance. The top online portals for board meetings can protect your information at the server level, and also allow for customized access to documents for different users.

A second essential feature is the possibility of recording votes. In contrast to the traditional show-of-hands system, recording vote results in your virtual boardroom will ensure transparency and accountability. It will also reduce the time you spend on board resolutions, and will increase the efficiency in your meetings.

Even if your guests are not tech-savvy, the software should be simple to use and comprehend. Additionally, it should be compatible with all platforms including smartphones and tablets. It is also required to be compatible with printers. Some board members may prefer to print out data rooms documents or even presentations for various reasons, such as their inability to use screens for prolonged durations of time. Additionally, the digital boardroom should include chat functions to facilitate quick collaboration.

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