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Conducting a Board of Directors Meeting

A board of directors’ meeting is a great opportunity to discuss the future of the company, take important decisions, and set the policies of the company. The success of your meetings depends on the quality of your discussions and how strong your board is. Board meetings let you monitor the progress of your company and establish important performance indicators.

An organized agenda will to guide discussions at your board meetings and keep the meeting productive, efficient, and on point. Directors should be http://www.myboardroom.info/nasdaq-board-portal-review/ prepared for every board meeting by reviewing the agenda and papers for the board distributed prior to the meeting. This is an established procedure to ensure that each director can contribute to productive discussions.

At the time of the meeting the chair should start the meeting by making sure that a quorum of attendees is present. This typically is done with a roll call which will determine who are present to legally conduct business.

The next step is to take note of reports from standing committees and special committees. The board members will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the information presented. The board may have to spend more time with the subject to find the most effective solution.

It is vital that all directors respect the other people’s opinions in discussions and refrain from using body language, whispering or notes that undermine or denigrate someone else’s viewpoint. Directors must also be attentive and only speak if they are asked to speak.

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