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AVG Antivirus Review

AVG is a reliable tool that offers a broad range of features, excellent security against malware, and excellent performance in numerous tests. The free version has few issues, while the premium version comes with more features like a device optimization tool and VPN.

The malware scan of the software employs machine learning and heuristics in order to identify and eliminate any possible threats, including trojans rootkits as well as Cryptojackers. It also shields you from ransomware-related attacks, phishing, and suspicious websites. AVG’s smart scans are fast and thorough, and they present a variety of “advanced issues” which you can address right now, such as securing items that must be password-protected, a vulnerable webcam or a weak firewall. It’s more aggressive than other high-quality antivirus software in this respect. If you click on any of these issues, it will prompt you to buy the paid version.

Its AV-Test test results are generally good as it detected and protected against 100% of the malware in the March and April 2022 tests. Its performance in detecting zero-day attacks is below some of the top-rated software that I’ve tested. And it can slow down the system.

The free version comes with email and web security identity theft monitoring of passwords that have been leaked photo vaulting, as well as AVG Cleaner, which will help speed up your device by clearing junk data. The premium version includes ransomware protection and webcam security along with safer banking and a firewall. It also comes with a performance tuning that speeds up your computer and increases battery life, as well as a VPN for privacy online.


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