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How to Find the Best Antivirus Solution for Your Needs

Virus protection is only one aspect of a company’s arsenal. Increasingly, cyber criminals are employing more sophisticated techniques to evade antivirus software and infiltrate systems. Businesses must employ a combination antivirus, network firewalls, and additional security solutions like malware detection and analysis, threat intelligence, and data encryption.

To find the most effective antivirus software for your needs, start with an outline of your needs and compare different providers. Choose a provider that has many users and provide a variety of payment options. Choose a provider that offers real-time scanning and regularly updates their malware database. The most effective antivirus software can only detect new viruses if it is equipped with an current database.

Signature-based detection is the most popular method of detecting malware. It maintains an inventory of distinct code snippets of code that can identify known threats. Antivirus software searches for these thumbprints in the course of scanning and if it discovers an identical pattern, it issues an alert to the user. This method isn’t as effective against metamorphic or polymorphic malware, which encrypts or modify themselves to avoid detection by virus-scanning software.

Another important aspect to look for in an antivirus program is heuristic-based detection, which analyzes how malware functions and search for patterns that could indicate malicious intentions. This approach can help spot previously undiscovered viruses, however it can lead to security alert fatigue if the program is not properly tuned to the environment of the user.


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