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Protegent Anti-Virus Scam

It is vital to protect your http://zeusvirus.net/how-to-select-the-data-room-ma computer against trojans and viruses whether you are a regular internet user or business owner. You can do this with a trusted anti-virus program. The anti-virus scam known as protegent has been widely condemned.

The commercial begins with a group of students at school using computers. One of them is caught looking at inappropriate content, and the teacher decides to check out their browsing history. She finds that the child was looking at images of people kissing and she tries to approach the child and tells him that he should stop doing this. He says he will but then the ad informs him that he must purchase Protegent anti-virus software, which can monitor the computer and search for inappropriate content.

Protegent Antivirus comes with an active data recovery feature built-in that helps restore any deleted or lost files. It also operates in the background to boost speeds for upload and download without affecting the speed of your system. The software also offers a money-back guarantee and day-to-day customer support to assist users with any queries or issues they might have.

Protegent Fish Hunter 360 is the most robust of the protegent’s household anti-virus security software solutions. It comes with a variety of real-time scan system and optimization tools to increase your pc’s tempo, protect against phishing and spyware scrapes, and retrieve lost or deleted files. It also helps to defragment your hard drive to increase performance. It also offers a great way to avoid phishing attacks by blocking e mails with malicious files and putting them in the junk folder. It also blacklists websites that are suspicious to ensure that you do not fall victim to hackers.

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